Willseal Color Coreseal-V: Primary Vertical Seal

• Vertical expansion joints
• Primary construction joints
• Expansion, control, and isolation joints
• Retrofit and seismic joints
• Pre-cast concrete walls, tilt-up walls
• Exterior panel systems – Masonry, Granite, Metal, EIFS, Curtain Walls
• Joints requiring a resilient, waterproof seal
• Larger joints requiring an architectural finish

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Willseal Color Coreseal-V: Primary Vertical Seal

Willseal Color Coreseal-V is a lightweight, closed-cell foam coated with a factory-applied sealant. It is designed to provide a watertight, dust-proof, airtight, noise-reducing, thermally insulating and UV stable primary seal that does not require invasive anchoring for installation. Questions? Contact Us.

Willseal Color Coreseal-V is a vertical dense, closed-cell foam for larger movement joints. It has a colorized silicone skin on the exposed face for chemical and puncture resistance in a waterproof joint. Due to its strong closed-cell structure, it has excellent compression, tension and shear capabilities.
• Allows for up to 50% (±25%) movement
• Accommodates rapid rates of joint movement
• Supplied uncompressed 25% over the mean joint size as a standard
• Utilizes non-invasive anchoring
• Lightweight

Willseal Color Coreseal-V is available from your authorized Tremco distributor, and directly through Tremco and Willseal sales representatives.

• Tremco Spectrem colors: White, Precast White, Ivory, Sandstone, Buff, Off-White, Limestone, Anodized Aluminum, Gray, Aluminum
Stone, Light Bronze, Champagne, Dusty Rose, Adobe Tan, Rustic Brick, Charcoal, Bronze, Dark Bronze, Black
• Dow 790 colors
• Pecora 890 colors

• Verify that the joint is clean, sound and will provide an appropriate surface for installation of the joint sealant
• Check material for the appropriate lengths, widths and depths

• Apply supplied substrate adhesive immediately prior to installing the joint; any joint installation delay after the substrate adhesive is
applied could result in the adhesive curing prior to joint installation
• Manually compress joint during installation without stripping the substrate adhesive
• Run a ¼” bead of the supplied silicone adhesive along both sides of the face of the joint along the substrate face
• Run the supplied silicone accessory over all seams and transitions to allow for a clean, aesthetic finish

• Remove any excess silicone left on the surface of the material or substrate.
• Do not reuse waste material

• Avoid contact of Willseal Color Coreseal-V with hydrocarbon solvents and corrosive chemicals.
• Not intended for joints requiring +/- 50% (100% total) movement