Sikaflex 124: Its Uses & Benefits


Sikaflex 124: Its Uses & Benefits

When it comes to installing glass and mirrors, using the proper bonding agent is one of the best ways to ensure a job well done, which is why we carry a range of today’s leading sealant products. At Metro Sealant, one of our best-sellers is Sika Sealant’s Sikaflex 124, a strong sealant that offers benefits for a variety of applications.

Here, we’ll go into the details and benefits of one of today’s most highly-sought bonding agents.

What Exactly is Sikaflex 124?

Sikaflex 124 is a moisture-curing, one-component, instant-grip, polyurethane adhesive used to bond flat glass to a wide variety of different building materials. It’s ideal for securing vertical items, like windows and mirrors, into place. Because tests have to be performed prior to installation to determine the best use for different applications and substrates, it’s recommended only professionals perform the installation.

Some of the most common applications of Sikaflex 124 include:

  • Bonding lightweight construction materials.
  • Category II safety film applications.
  • Door sill and floor molding applications.
  • Projects that call for glass/mirrors to adhere to substrates including drywall, concrete, brick, tile, wood, and more.

Application Tips:

  • When applying Sikaflex 124, it’s important the temperature range is between 40-100°F. If applying the sealant during colder weather, treating the surface beforehand to increase the temperature range to 65 – 75 °F is recommended.
  • After opening, you should apply the sealant in vertical beads spaced eight inches apart, or in circular patties of one or two inches every square foot. After application, the installer has approximately 30 minutes to bond the glass to the necessary building materials.
  • It’s important to note that heavier substances will likely require additional support during the bonding period.
  • When tooling and finishing (which should take place during the allotted 30 minutes), it’s essential to use a dry tool with a metal or wooden spatula.

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