How Tremco Sealant Solves Difficult Sealing Problems

In building and engineering, one of the most difficult sealing challenges is when you’re working with a joint that will be in motion.  This can range from expansion and control joints to concrete seams, to perimeter caulking.  Whatever the case, you need a sealant which is simultaneously strong enough to maintain a tight seal, while also being flexible enough to move along with the connecting pieces on either side. For these situations, we highly recommend Tremco sealant products, such as their Dymonic FC tubes, which are also available as sausages.  Dymonic FC is a fast-curing, one-component polyurethane-based sealant that works well in a wide variety of situations.  In our opinion, it combines the best performance characteristics of both polyurethane and silicone sealants, which is why we highly recommend it. Four Reasons Why We Recommend Tremco Sealant Solutions for Moving Joints
  1. High cyclic movement capabilities
Most importantly to the topic, Tremco Dymonic FC has an exceptional movement rating of ± 35%.  This gives it the resilience necessary to be put to a wide variety of applications, and still excel even when the application requires a high degree of flexibility to maintain the seal.
  1. Fast curing
Holding moving joints in place can be tricky in and of itself, so you want a sealant which cures as quickly as possible.  Dymonic FC is formulated to cure quickly, with a skin time of only one hour.  Further, it’s already lost its stickiness within 3-4 hours, which minimizes the amount of dirt and debris it captures while drying.
  1. Strong UV resistance
Resistance to ultraviolet light is critical in any outdoor building application, and Dymonic FC excels here as well.  It won’t crack or craze even under intense sunlight or other high-UV conditions.  This just adds to its overall versatility.
  1. Easy application
Dymonic FC doesn’t require any special tools or preparation.  All you need is conventional caulking equipment.  Simply fill the joint with the compound and tool it to ensure strong contact with either side of the joint. Plus, it’s also paintable without decreasing its effectiveness, so it’s useful in a huge variety of construction situations. Metro Sealant Has the Solutions You Need! Since 1989, we’ve specialized in bringing the best in sealants and waterproofing to Maryland and Virginia, and we’re trusted by a wide variety of builders and DIYers.  To get started, just click here to browse our catalog of products.