Emseal QuickCover: Rapid Expansion Joint Cover

  • floor joints
  • new and retrofit construction
  • schools, hospitals, airports, offices, malls, etc.
  • Covers and conceals cracked adjacent flooring
  • Standard mill finish
  • Resists pedestrian and rolling point loads

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Emseal QuickCover: Rapid Expansion Joint Cover

Emseal QuickCover is a floor and wall expansion joint, Emseal QuickCover is a rapid install, elegantly simple, aesthetically versatile coverplate system for new and retrofit floor expansion joints. Questions? Contact Us.


QuickCover is supplied in 10-LF lengths and is a composite assembly of precompressed foam that flanks a vertical spline descending from an integral coverplate.

  • No visible coverplate screws
  • No visible anchoring fasteners
  • Flush with floor retrofit into old hardware of failed joint systems
  • Covers and conceals cracked adjacent flooring
  • Standard mill finish
  • Resists pedestrian and rolling point loads
  • Install while occupied using simple traffic diversion
  • Install after flooring is installed, leveled and completed
  • Cost effective
  • Easily installed in new construction after flooring is installed and completed
  • Shipped in 10-LF lengths
  • ADA compliant bevel and coefficient of friction
  • Rapid installation—new or retrofit
  • No bolts, anchors, balls, tracks, slides or other fiddly hardware
  • No blockouts, recesses, or backfilling
  • Aesthetically and practically versatile
  • Prices are available from local distributors or representatives and/or directly from the manufacturer.
  • The product range is continually being updated, and accordingly EMSEAL® reserves the right to modify or withdraw any product without prior notice.

The assembly is packaged between extruded polystyrene and the pre-compressed foam is held in compression to less than the intended joint size. The joint is prepared, a mounting bead of supplied silicone is applied to each joint face 1/4″ (6mm) down from the floor elevation and tooled flat. The shrink wrap is removed and the assembly is lowered into the joint. Weight is applied to the coverplate until the foam has self-expanded into the wet mounting silicone.
Within about one hour the joint is trafficable.


1″ to 4″ (25 – 100mm)


Up to 100% total (+50% and -50%) of nominal supplied size.


Standard cover plate is milled aluminum finish.
Sand-blasted finish is available and will affect lead-time.