Emseal QuietJoint: Non Moving Joints And Gaps

  • End of partition to window (SHG 3-sided coating)
  • End of partition to mullion (SHH 2-sided coating)
  • End of partition to wall (SHH)
  • Head of wall (SHH)
  • To block any flanking path
  • To fill construction-created voids and gaps

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Emseal QuietJoint: Non Moving Joints And Gaps

Emseal QuietJoint is an acoustic joint filler, Emseal QuietJoint is a mass-loaded sound, draft, heat, cold, and dust blocking acoustic partition closure and joint filler for interior, non-moving joints and gaps.It is a non-mechanical, high-STC (Sound Transmission Class), non-invasively anchored closure that quickly and easily mates partitions to windows, mullions, or stud walls. Questions?Contact Us.


QuietJoint blocks sound transmission between rooms. It comes in colors, is versatile, and ideally suited as a closure for gaps between the ends of permanent, semi-permanent, or movable partitions, window-wall, curtain-wall, head-of-wall and other conditions.

QuietJoint features a mass-loaded fire-resistant foam core coated with a high-grade silicone. The foam core is a custom-density open-cell foam infused with a fire-resistant, acrylic-based mass-loading agent.

Supplied just larger than the field-measured joint gap, QuietJoint is hand compressed and squeezed into the opening. The edges of the silicone coating are tucked tight to the substrate to complete a clean finish.

  • Mass-loaded acoustic seal (STC-53, OITC-38, ASTM E-90)
  • Fire-resistant (Smoke and Flame Spread Class A, ASTM E-84-12)
  • Insulates (R-value 2.85/in depth, ASTM C-518-04)
  • Sound attenuating
  • Non-mechanical
  • Non-metallic
  • Rapid installation–new or retrofit
  • Non-invasive anchoring
  • Practical and versatile
  • Easily handles curves
  • Helps control HVAC balance between rooms

QuietJoint comes coated on either 2 sides (SHH) or 3 sides (SHG).

SHH (two-sided silicone) is ideal for gaps between opaque or solid partitions, walls or mullions.

SHG (three-sided silicone) is typically used to fill gaps between the glass of curtainwall or windows on one side and solid substrates on the other. The third coating covers the foam core so that the foam is not visible from the outside through the glass.

QuietJoint is supplied in full-story, 10-foot (3-meter) lengths, and is shipped in loosely laid coils inside a cardboard box.

Over compressing QuietJoint can result in backpressure that could exceed the ability of certain substrates to resist this pressure. User is assumed to have tested all applications to ensure suitability for use.

To preserve a smooth silicone-face appearance, the material should not be compressed into joints that are smaller than the nominal size of the product and the installer should be sure to tuck the edges of the coating at the substrate interface.

With SHG the coating is the same color on all three faces.

Not intended for use in moving joints. Not trafficable. For watertight, moving structural joint gaps see EMSEAL Product and Application Index.