Emseal Roof Joint: Sealing Expansion Joints In Roof’s

  • Flat roofs
  • Sloped roofs
  • Green and garden roofs
  • Soft-scaped plazas
  • Roof to wall joint transitions
  • Tie in to hot rubber roofs
  • Weld to PVC roofs
  • Adhere to mod-bit roofs
  • Adhere to torch-applied roofs
  • Weld to TPO roofs
  • Non-roof applications in split slab and hardscaped decks

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Emseal Checklist

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Emseal Roof Joint: Sealing Expansion Joints In Roof’s

Emseal Roof Joint is a roof expansion joint, Emseal RoofJoint is a patented dual-seal, double-flanged, extruded thermoplastic rubber system for sealing expansion joints in roofs. Watertightness is achieved through positive integration with the roofing membrane and a purpose-designed system for transitioning between the joint in the roof and joints in walls. Questions? Contact Us.



The waterproofing element of most other roof expansion joints is a looped membrane. The loop either hangs down into the joint or is humped up by means of a foam backing. Either way, looped membranes don’t work well at the transition from the roof joint to wall joints and feature only one level of sealing.

Unique to RoofJoint is the double-level flange. This flange allows multi-layered, watertight integration with the roofing membrane. The lower flange is welded or adhered to the roof membrane brought up to the joint. A termination bar and anchors mechanically lock the flange to the roof decking or blocking. The upper flange counterflashes the termination bar and underlying membrane ensuring that penetrations made by the attachment of the termination bar are completely sealed. The upper flange is further flashed to the roofing membrane by means of the roofing manufacturers’ standard flashing tape or by over-welding a strip of roofing.

Movement at the joint is accommodated by the folding design of the gland. The double-cell configuration provides two levels of sealing. The geometric shape is purpose-designed for the lowest strain during movement to ensure longevity.

In addition to roof applications, RoofJoint can be effectively used for softscape plazas as well as split slab and hardscaped decks when drainage or other construction may be impeded by the expansion joint protruding above the structural deck elevation.  In these cases an additional expansion joint seal would be needed at the wearing course. (See EMSEAL’s SJS, DSM and DSM-DS.) As with roof applications where a fire-rated seal is also required, Emshield DFR can be installed directly below the RoofJoint.

  • High movement
  • Redundant sealing
  • Double-level roof-membrane integration flanges
  • Redundant fastening—adhesion or welding & termination bar
  • Factory heat welded transitions at tees, crosses, roof-to-wall, etc.
  • Watertight transition to Seismic Colorseal wall joints using RoofJoint Closures
  • Uniquely addresses wall joint to roof joint interface
  • UV-stable
  • NPVC version available for welding compatibility with PVC membranes, as well as for adhering into asphaltic, SBS, mod-bit, or thermoset rubber roof  membranes
  • White TPV version available for direct welding into TPO reflective roof membranes
  • Can be fire-rated with installation of Emshield DFR