Emshield SJS-FP-FR2 : Large Gap Expansion Joint

  • Fire-rated plaza decks
  • Fire-rated podium decks
  • Fire-rated, split-slab decks
  • Fire-rated, split-slab parking decks
  • Fire-rated, split-slab seismic joints
  • Fire-rated, split-slab stadium concourses
  • Fire-rated, split-slab airport roadways
  • Mall bridge connectors
  • For eliminating leaks over fire-rated occupied spaces

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    Emshield SJS-FP-FR2 System is designed to provide a watertight, trafficable joint system in large 4-inch (100mm) and larger joint openings, in decks of split-slab design.Emshield SJS-FP-FR2 is a fire-rated system that expands the use of the SJS System to waterproofed split-slab deck designs through the use of structural-slab mounted supporting legs with integral waterproofing side sheets that integrate with the deck waterproofing membrane. Questions?