Masterseal M 265 Base Coat


  • Coating for decks
  • Weather proofing coating
  • Base Coat for multiple construction systems
  • Fast curing
  • Can be used with other Masterseal products to enhance performance


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet A

Safety Data Sheet B


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Unleash the power of innovation and protection with MasterSeal M 265, the premium two-component polyurethane base coat designed to revolutionize your deck coating experience. Engineered to complement the exceptional qualities of the MasterSeal Traffic 2500, 2530, and 2575 systems, MasterSeal M 265 is your ultimate solution for achieving unparalleled protection and longevity.

Fast-Curing Brilliance:

MasterSeal M 265 boasts a remarkable fast-curing formula that works tirelessly even in cooler climates. Say goodbye to waiting for hours on end for your coating to set. You’ll experience rapid-setting times that accelerate your project timelines without having to compromising on quality.

Mechanical Mastery:

Our base coat is a testament to exceptional engineering. Boasting extraordinary mechanical properties, including outstanding elongation, MasterSeal M 265 ensures your deck’s resilience against the tests of time and nature. Its ability to stretch and flex without weakening makes it the perfect companion for decks subjected to heavy foot traffic and the challenges of varying weather conditions. Not just decks, but construction projects too! Masterseal 265 can be used as the base coat for heavy duty construction projects that will see heavy use by vehicles.

Unrivaled Protection:

Seal out moisture, freeze/thaw damage, and the relentless march of time with MasterSeal M 265’s seamless waterproof membrane. Crafted to be a fortress for your concrete, it safeguards against water infiltration, ensuring the integrity of your decks for years to come.

Seamless Synergy:

By pairing it with MasterSeal P255 primer you can unlock its full potential. This combination creates a synergistic bond that enhances the base coat’s performance, delivering a flawless finish that not only looks exceptional but also withstands the toughest challenges from pedestrians to trucks!

Versatility Redefined:

MasterSeal M 265 finds its place in a wide array of industries and applications, adapting seamlessly to diverse project requirements. From grand stadiums to intimate balconies, sprawling parking garages to intricate commercial constructions, the restoration of historic buildings to the decking of plywood structures, MasterSeal M 265 excels across the board. Additionally, with a shelf life of one year you can easily store it to use at a later date!

Supported Systems:

Masterseal M 265 is a key component in these construction systems:

  • MasterSeal Traffic 2500
  • MasterSeal Vehicular 2530
  • MasterSeal Vehicular 2575

Environmental Responsibility:

Not only does it safeguard your structures but it also adheres to strict VOC standards. With impressively low VOC content, it’s a testament to our commitment to a sustainable future:

  • MasterSeal M 265 Part A: 4 g/L
  • MasterSeal M 265 Part B: 5 g/L


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