Sikaflex 2CSL 1.5 Gallon Tint Base: 2C-SL


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  • High elasticity with a durable, tough and flexible consistency.
  • True self-leveling properties.
  • Self-leveling consistency, easy application in horizontal joints.
  • Sealant can be used in non-moving joints that are exceeding 1/2 in. in depth thanks to chemical cure
  • Exceptional adhesion to most substrates without priming.
  • Capable of ±50% joint movement.
  • Uniformity in color ensured via Color-pak system.
  • Available in 35 architectural colors.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Exceptional cut and tear resistance.
  • Jet fuel resistant.
  • Paintable with oil-, water- and rubber-base paints.

Product Data Sheet

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