Vulkem 351 Topcoat: Tremco 5 Gallon


  •  Fast cure through time allows for use 24 hr after installation.
  • Mildew- and fungus- resistance safeguards concrete surfaces against
    environmental contaminants.
  • Excellent durability and UV resistance extend the useful life of pedestrian
  •  Re-coatable and compatible with other Tremco sealants, which enhances
    waterproofing protection with full system compatibility
  • Coverage rate: Method A- 105 sq ft per gallon, Method B- 200 sq ft per gallon. See data sheet for methods

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Vulkem 351 is a composite waterproofing system comprised of tough curing liquid polyurethane. It cures to form a rubber membrane surface that provides a lasting and easy-to-clean coating. Textured surfaces for pedestrian traffic will use an aggregate-laden top membrane to aid in wear and slip resistance. Vulkem 351 may be used to apply a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane to concrete and primed metal surfaces. Vulkem 350 Base Coat is a single-component urethane membrane that bonds firmly to clean, dry concrete and metal. It retains its integrity even if substrate movement causes hair-line cracks of up to 1/16″ (1.5 mm). If cut or damaged, Vulkem 350 will prevent water migration between itself and the substrate. Vulkem 350 is available in roller (R) and in self-leveling (SL) grade for vertical and horizontal application.

Vulkem 351 Top Coat is an aliphatic, single-component polyurethane, which when used in conjunction with the recommended aggregate, creates a tough, aesthetically appealing, skid resistant, wearing surface that forms a strong interlaminate bond to the Vulkem 350 basecoat.

Concrete shall be water-cured and attain a 3000 psi minimum compressive strength. Concrete finish shall be a light steel trowel followed by a fine-hair broom, or equivalent ICRI #2-#4 finish. Moisture content in the concrete must be lower than 4.5% as measured using a Tramex CME 4 Moisture Meter. Depending on concrete construction and job site location, additional concrete testing may be required. Please contact your local Tremco Sales or Technical

Please refer to the Vulkem 350/351 Application Instructions for complete application details. The techniques involved may require modification to adjust to the jobsite conditions. Consult your Tremco Sales Representative or Tremco Technical Services for site conditions and requirements.

Vulkem 351 is available in Beige, Gray, Limestone, Maple, Slate Gray, Black, and White. Special colors are available upon request.


Tremco Pedestrian Coating


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Weight 24.50 lbs

Beige, Black, Gray, Limestone, Maple, Slate Gray, White