TC 225 Masterseal : Masterseal Traffic 1500


  • UV resistant, one-component waterproofing coating
  • Easy preparation reduces on-site labor costs
  • 40 standard colors utilizing MasterSeal 900 color packs (pedestrian use only) available with MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base
  • Pre-Tint Color Chart
  • If we don’t have the color you need in stock check out the Masterseal TC 235 (replacement for tc 225)

Data Sheet

TC 225 Color Chart

m200 Base Coat Slope Grade

m200 Self-level Base Coat


TC 225 Masterseal is a moisture-curing polyurethane topcoat that is used in MasterSeal Traffic 1500 waterproofing deck coating systems in vehicular and pedestrian areas.

About Our TC 225 Masterseal: Masterseal Traffic 1500

TC 225 Masterseal is simple to use due to it being UV-resistant and a one-component waterproofing coating that does not require the mixing of multiple components, thus reducing on-site labor costs. It is primarily used in various public locations including balconies, parking garages, commercial construction, and plaza decks.

There are about 40 standard colors available for pedestrian applications only, that are available together with the MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base. At MetroSealant, we provide a variety of colors ranging from charcoal, grey, tan, to tintable, which you can select from depending on the purpose and usage. As a moisture-curing topcoat, the TC 225 Masterseal cures in approximately 12-14 hours at 73 Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity.

Why Buy TC 225 Masterseal: Masterseal Traffic 1500 from MetroSealant?

MetroSealant is a one-stop-shop with a wide range of all of the latest sealant, waterproofing, and restoration products due to its partnerships with the best manufacturers in the industry. Purchasing the TC 225 Masterseal from us would mean a full range of compatible products like the M200 Base Coat Slope Grade and M200 Self-Level Base Coat.

MetroSealant aims to meet your needs by providing you with timely technical support and getting our products to you quickly. We have four outlets in Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.

To learn more about the specifications and how to use TC 225 Masterseal: Masterseal Traffic 1500, contact us today!

Additional information

Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 30.48 × 30.48 × 34.29 cm

Charcoal, Grey, Tan, Tintable