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B2 LVC Primer Bituthene Adhesive LVC is a low VOC primer in solvent specially formulated to provide good initial adhesion of GCP self-adhered membranes. In addition, its formulation promotes the adhesion of GCP self-adhered membranes to green concrete and damp surfaces. The VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content is <200 g/L and is compliant with all state and local VOC requirements for adhesives and sealants. Architectural and industrial maintenance regulations limit the VOC content in products classified as adhesive primers. Refer to technical letters at gcpat.com for the most current list of allowable limits. Questions about B2 primer? Contact Us.

Bituthene Adhesive Primer B2 LVC may be applied by roller or brush. Use a heavy nap roller made of natural material, such as lamb’s wool. Stir until a uniform color and consistency is achieved. Apply it to clean, dirt free, frost-free surfaces at an approximate coverage rate of 325–425 ft2/gal (7.5–10.0 m2/L). Do not apply to frozen concrete or to areas with standing or visible water. Do not use during wet weather. Allow Bituthene Adhesive Primer B2 LVC to dry one hour or until tack-free. Dry time may be longer in cold
temperatures Deep puddles of primer should be avoided as this will lengthen drying time. Rollers or brushes should be dipped into pans. Avoid pouring primer directly onto a horizontal substrate. Do not apply directly to GCP self-adhered membrane. In general, priming should be limited to an area that can be covered with membrane within 24 hours. Areas that accumulate significant
amounts of dust or dirt must be reprimed before membrane is applied. Although it may be used on green concrete and damp surfaces, moisture may become trapped under the membrane. This may result in blistering, particularly on warm, sunny days. Therefore, cover the membrane as soon as possible to minimize blistering. If blistering occurs, allow membrane to cool and re-roll with heavy roller. Blisters over 4 in. (100 mm) in diameter should be cut and patched. Clean tools with mineral spirits at the end of each day. Mineral spirits is a combustible liquid and should be used only in
accordance with the manufacturer’s safety recommendations.

B2 Primer


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