Bituthene Mastic: 30oz Tube


Product Advantages

  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Seals terminations, edges of patches and overlaps in detail areas
  • Coverage – Tube: 1 Tube – 65 linear feet (20cm), Pail: 100 linear ft/gal (8.1m/L)

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Bituthene Mastic: 30oz Tube

Are you looking for a reliable solution to your adhesion needs that perfect seal termination? Look no further than our Bituthene Mastic: 30oz Tube from Metro Sealant! It may be the product you need. To know about its features, keep reading.

About the Bituthene Mastic: 30oz Tube

Bituthene Mastic is a water-based membrane adhesive used to seal terminations, edges of patches, and overlaps in detail areas. It provides superior waterproofing performance for roofing details, such as corners, around protrusions, and drains.

This 30oz tube contains a ready-to-use formula that is easy to apply and can be used to bond a variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, asphaltic materials, and metal. The Bituthene mastic creates an effective seal against air and moisture infiltration while remaining flexible over time. Its superior adhesion properties ensure the seal remains intact even under extreme weather conditions such as high winds or heavy rain.

Additionally, its low VOC formulation makes it safer to use than traditional solvent-based products. The product also has no offensive odor upon application allowing for faster installation with minimal disruption.

Why Buy Bituthene Mastic: 30oz Tube from Metro Sealant?

At Metro Sealant, we believe that Bituthene Mastic is the ideal waterproof sealant to use for a variety of projects. Whether you’re looking to seal a roof, foundation, or deck, our 30oz tube of Bituthene Mastic offers superior quality and protection against water damage.

With its advanced rubberized asphalt technology and easy-to-use application method, this mastic provides superior adhesion to keep your surfaces safe and secure.

To learn more about our Bituthene Mastic: 30oz Tube, contact us today!

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 20 in