Carlisle Barricoat: Waterproofing Asphalt Emulsion


• Fast, seamless installation
• Inexpensive, simple equipment
• Effectively coats rough and porous surfaces
• Safe, non-flammable and low odor
• Seals around fasteners
• Co-spray applied membrane has instant resistance to rain wash-off and can be applied in cool and damp conditions
• Reliable all season application
• Can be applied to green concrete

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Carlisle Barricoat: Waterproofing Asphalt Emulsion

Carlisle Barricoat is a water-borne asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic polymers and special additives. Carlisle Barricoat can be applied through co-spray, 1-part spray or roller application to achieve a nominal 0.060-inch (60 mils) dry film thickness membrane. Barricoat is a waterproofing and vapor barrier membrane for use in below-grade foundation wall assemblies. Barricoat is for use on vertical surfaces and can be applied directly to concrete, concrete masonry, insulated concrete forms (XPS) and many other common building materials. Barricoat waterproofing and MiraDRAIN drainage composite are combined for a complete, warranted foundation waterproofing system by CCW. Questions? Contact Us.

Prior to application, mask off all adjacent surfaces to protect from overspray and drips. Verify material is within its product shelf life and
freeze/thaw indicator on pallet has not broken off from exposure to freezing temperatures. Concrete shall be cured in place for a minimum of 3 days as long as the foundation wall is backfilled within 24 hours. Verify that surfaces are free of visible surface moisture, loose materials, release oils and other contaminants. These shall be removed prior to application by power washing or other suitable method. Fill form tie holes, honeycomb and voids with non-shrink grout or CCW-703 V Liquiseal. Grind fins and similar protrusions flush. On concrete masonry unit (CMU) construction, mortar joints shall be free of voids and struck flush and mortar droppings shall be removed from surfaces.

Spraying Barricoat:
Obtain full, safe access to the area and mask adjacent surfaces to protect from overspray. Verify that the product is within shelf life, as indicated on the product label. Inspect freeze indicator on the drum or tote to verify if it has been broken from exposure to freezing temperatures. Open drums or totes bearing broken freeze indicators and inspect material for sludge, particles or separation. Contact CCW Technical Service for more information on product inspection if the freeze indicator has been broken.



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