Emseal DSM-DS: Fills Both Sides Of Joints

  • Below grade walls
  • Slab on grade / foundation floors
  • Tunnel walls, ceilings and floors
  • Planter walls to seal inside planter and outer wall
  • Wastewater digester lids to seal out weather and contain methane for harvesting
  • As containment for injected polyurethane grouts

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Emseal DSM-DS: Fills Both Sides Of Joints

Emseal DSM-DS is a highly resilient, double silicone faced precompressed sealant that has proved over the years to be able to solve difficult joint sealing problems where other systems have failed or are not suitable. It is ideal for new installations as well as expansion joint repair or retrofit jobs. Locations such as waste water facilities, tunnel walls and ceilings, planter walls, and foundation floors and walls all benefit from its construction and performance. Questions about Emseal DSM-DS? Contact Us.


The dual-sided silicone facing allows DSM-DS to be installed from the negative side while addressing moisture from the positive side as well as the negative side. DSM-DS is adhered to the substrate walls with an epoxy adhesive which combines with the foam’s backpressure to be held in place. Application-side, field-applied silicone sealant bands seal voids in the substrate and seal the edges of the bellows to the joint faces.

  • Non-Invasive Anchoring
  • Continuity of Seal through changes in plane and direction
  • Ability to handle variations in joint size
  • Ideal for new and retrofit installations
  • ADA Compliant

Watertight—the tensionless silicone bellows is installed just below the deck surface. This ensures watertightness is achieved at the deck surface.

Non-Invasive Anchoring—there are no hard metal-to-concrete connections in the system. This includes embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks, trays or rails. The system is locked to the joint faces by means of the 1) backpressure of the foam, 2) the epoxy adhesive, and 3) the injected silicone sealant band at the joint face to foam and silicone bellows interface.

Continuity of Seal—as in all EMSEAL expansion joint systems, continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator. Details for watertight, field-fabricated transitions from deck to wall, at curbs, sidewalks, parapets, tees, and crosses are available with the DSM SYSTEM.

Aesthetics & Versatility—Standard color is gray (other colors available), uniform bellows appearance, double sealing, fuel resistance, and an enhanced ability to handle variations in joint size are among other system features.