Dymonic Simple Seal: Extruded Polyurethane Bridge

  •  Cost effective alternative to cutting out existing failed sealant
  •  High flexibility and movement capability
  •  High tear resistance
  •  Ease of installation
  •  Wide operational temperature range
  •  Capable of sealing high movement joints
  •  Well suited for soft and sensitive substrates such as Dryvit(r)/EIF
  •  Compatible and can be coated over with TREMGard® HB wall coatings, Vulkem® deck coatings, and ExoAir® 130 and ExoAir® 230 fluid applied air barriers.

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Dymonic Simple Seal: Extruded Polyurethane Bridge

Dymonic Simple Seal is a medium modulus, preformed polyurethane extrusion specifically designed to bridge joints under elastomeric wall coatings. Dymonic Simple Seal is typically bonded with Dymonic 100 Polyurethane Sealant to a wide range of substrates to provide a watertight seal. Questions? Contact Us.

Tremco Selection Guide

Dymonic Simple Seal is designed for both new construction and restoration work involving expansion joints, window/door perimeter, Dryvit(r)/EIF joints, parapet walls, skylights, transition seals, curtain wall joints, sheet metal roof joints, and other lap joints that will be coated over with an elastomeric coating.

Surface Preparation:
Surface must be sound, clean, and dry. Contact surfaces should be free of loose dirt, dust, oils, and any other contaminants. Tremco recommends that air temperatures be 40 °F (5 °C) or above before applying any sealant. If colder weather is imminent, please refer to the Tremco Guide for Cold Weather Applications at www.tremcosealants.com.

Select the width of Dymonic Simple Seal wide enough so that the ridges are fully encapsulated by the sealant when installed over the joint. Apply Dymonic 100* to each side of the joint with beads large enough to encapsulate the width of the ridges. Immediately embed the Simple Seal into the wet sealant. Using a roller, apply consistent pressure to ensure uniform contact. Dymonic Simple Seal should be coated with an elastimeric coating within 6 months of installation.

Dymonic Simple Seal should not be used under the following conditions:
• Below grade or below water line applications
• Pedestrian or vehicular traffic joints
• In association with building materials that release oils, plasticizers or other material

Damaged Dymonic Simple Seal can be repaired. Contact your local Tremco Sales Representative or Tremco Technical Services for repair procedures.

Tremco warrants its Products to be free of defects in materials but makes no warranty as to appearance or color. Since methods of application and on-site conditions are beyond our control and can affect performance, Tremco makes no other warranty, expressed or implied including warranties of MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, with respect to Tremco Products. Tremco’s sole obligation shall be, at its option, to replace, or refund the purchase price of the quantity of Tremco Products proven to be defective and Tremco shall not be liable for any loss or damage.