Sika Sealant

Sika Corporation and is an offshoot of the global Sika Group, a Swiss specialty chemical company for building and motor vehicle supplies that was established in 1910. They’re especially popular with contractors looking for a more economical brand without compromising on qualityand are well knownwithin the industry thanks to their strong reputation amongst professionals.

Sika are headquartered in New Jersey but have bases across the US. They’re a leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials for construction and have a focus on sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing, and protecting.

Their products range across roofing, concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, epoxies, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring, sealants, adhesives, specialty acoustic and reinforcing materials. However, we focus on their Sikaflex brand.

The Sikaflex brandencompasses Sika’s 1-component adhesives and sealants. Despite their relatively affordable price tag, Sika claim their productskeeptheir protective qualities up to four times longer than those of other brands.

In our experience, the following are their most popular products:

  • Sikaflex 15LM: high performance, low-modulus elastomeric sealant
  • SikasilWS-295: neutral cure, weather sealing silicone sealant
  • Sikaflex 2cNS EZ Mix: two-component, non-sag, polyurethane elastomeric Class 50 sealant
  • Sikaflex 2c NS Arctic: two-component, non-sag, polyurethane elastomeric sealant for arctic weather applications (can mix and shoot buckets in cold weather)

We’re often approached by customers who have been directed to use Sika products for their projects and would like to find out more. If that sounds you, get in contact with us or drop into one of our locations. We open at 6 am and our representatives have experience working for Sika or one of their competitors before joining us, resulting in unbeatable knowledge.

It can also be useful to check out similar products from other brands to compare. We recommend Pecora for top-of-the-range sealants, Masterseal for primerless adhesion, and Tremco for their solid chemistry background.

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